Tuesday, 7 July 2015

the three cups of tea impression

  • I read this book and was made me hink in various ways. I learned life and feelings.
    I think that Greg is a really great person. He is brave, and he is stouthearted and can act immediately. As an example, he tried to climb Pakistani k2 for a late younger sister. However, he was not able to climb it.
    And he had only hardened people even though, I was going to only make a school for a poor child, but he was strong. And I think that his acting power is splendid.
    In addition, the word is changed oneself if environment and society did not change sympathized. In addition, I felt it to be very deep when I knew the meaning of the title of this book. I might advance to the direction where oneself was good for after I read this book.
    Of course,Italked as well as contents together and I could know the word not to know and was studied and was good.
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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Times have changed

  • The married life of the present person is different from an old person in Japan.
    I thought led by a child in old days. It was the times when it was impossible to be divorced.Each mother did only the taking care of the child by all means, and theydidn't work.Besides, it was a taboo to talk about the work in a house.
  • The divorce was said to be shame of my home. 
  • In other hands,most mother goes for work now in comparison with it at the working center. It may be said that it is given priority to work as for the present times. In addition, there is the person who works from a high school student to earn pocket money. In addition, divorced people increase, and the people who do not marry increase.This is one of the worst problem.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My favorite movie

  • It is movie  which is named ”Love, Rosie”that I want to recommend.
  • This movie is a very romantic story. However, it is a sad story.
    Losie (woman) and Alex (man) were good friends in childhood friends very much. This woman is very beautiful!
    They liked each other from time. However, it is only cross-purposes and is two stories without being able to notice one's true feeling each other.
    Development watches this movie intensely and is excited very much. In addition, there is the impression scene, too finally. I cried to see this very much. I want you to look because it is an English version in a foreign film in all.


Friday, 12 June 2015

I wanna go ....

The place that I want to go most in Japan in now is Okinawa. I went to Okinawa at the age of a high school student for the first time.
In Okinawa, the sea is very clean on an island.
The color of the sea is emerald green. Okinawa is a warm place throughout the year.
It is said that Okinawa does not have winter.
And there is a Shisa on the roof of most houses. There is nature in Okinawa like Calgary, too, and there is the city, too. Also, I reccomend Aquarium and Shuri Castle.It is a very good city. If you come to Japan, you should go to Okinawa.
It is the best if I go with a boyfriend.



Saturday, 6 June 2015

The third language

I'm learning English mainly. English is absolutely necessary in grovel society in the future.  I like to study Korean because I like K-POP singer. However, I think that it is Chinese if  I study as the third language . This is because many countries make a deal with a Chinese company. In my school, Chinese and English are major  subject; and studying abroad is compulison.  I think that Chinese is  more difficult than English. Pinyin and pronounciation are very difficult. Therefore, I have to  study Chinese as hard as English. I think that if I can speak three languages, I will usual for job. I want to contribute to globalization society in the future.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Different job of man and woman

The chracteristic of the Japanse men are  self-respecting , strong man and  work hard. A way thinking is theoretical.Almost of  all Japanese men are office worker mainly. For example, it's a pilot , driver and engineer.On the oter hand, the charactaristic of Japanese women are skillful and taking care of kids.For examle, it's CA , chidcare person , nurse and designer. In adddition, common work is teacher and beautician. Even if women worked by the same work at the same time, women are employed at alower salary than men.This thing becomes one of the ploblem in Japan. I think that every company should treat equally.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

If I was rich..

    If I hit lottery $10 billion, I will be very happy.At first, i want to go several countries or be on a   trip.
If there is even time,I will go shopping to buy a lot of clothes and bags which I want.Also, The cothes will become diaposable everyday. And I want to do the best thing is a single life. Therefore, I want a house with a pool.The leaving money saves and will share it to a family.In the case me, I seem to spend all the money.  I seem to waste it if  I don' t do so it without  enduring it. I hope that this becomes the reality some day because I think that if there is even money ,I can live.I want to become rich in the future...haha I study and work  hard until I become  rich.